miZimURL Shortening Service


Is there a quicker way to generate short URLs of webpages?

Absolutely! You can use a bookmarklet to automatically help you start the shortening process. Once you find the page you want to shorten the URL of, you just click the bookmarklet and away you go.

The toughest part can be actually getting the bookmarklet installed on your system. Here are the step-by-step directions for installing the bookmarklet.

Internet Explorer Installation:

Firefox Installation:
Opera Installation: Safari Installation: Google Chrome Installation:

Is there an even quicker way to generate short URLs of webpages?

Once again, absolutely! Simply use this link: Instant miZim! instead of the links provided above.

This even quicker way will simply provide you a pop-up displaying your shortened URL! You will not be redirected to our site and can continue viewing the webpage that you just shortened the URL address of.